Battstat Applet

The Battstat Applet, shown in Figure 1, shows the status of the power subsystem in your laptop. To add this applet to your Panel, right click on the Panel and select Panel->Add to panel->Applet->Monitors->Battery Status Utility.


Battstat applet requires no user input. You can, if you so desire, configure it to some degree as described below.

Figure 1: Laptop running on AC.

The figure above is shown when the laptop battery is fully charged.

Figure 2: Battery recharging.

The little flash over the power cord is shown when the laptop battery is recharging. It's flashing on and off until the battery is fully recharged.

Figure 3: Laptop running on battery.

When you are running your laptop on battery it will display this image.

Figure 4: The applet menu

Right-clicking on the applet brings up a menu containing the following items:


You can customize the Battstat applet somewhat by right-clicking on it and choose Properties.... This will bring up the preferences dialog window.

Figure 5: Preferences dialog; General

The properties are:

Figure 6: Preferences dialog; Appearance

The properties on this page are:


So, you want to make the applet a bit more noisy? Just open the GNOME Control Center and make sure that you have enabled sound support for GNOME. Then you just have to assign your desired sounds for the supported events in the Events tab. Check figure 13 below for an example of how my configuration looks like.

(If you want to use my sounds, you can get them here.)

GNOME sounds
Figure 13:Sound events selection



The latest version of the Battstat applet can always be downloaded from:

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